Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Award winners of URI-AKBS Elocution competition in connection with URI International Day of Peace, 2021 with Adv. Brijesh Abraham and other guests.



Sunday, February 9, 2020

Prize Winners of Interfaith Harmony Week Quiz Competition , 2020

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Episode – 1

Dear All,

We had a colourful start for the  9th URI India National Assembly here at the holy city of Varanasi, a city on the banks of  the holy river Ganges. The city has two other names viz, Kasi and Banaras. The venue is Banaras Hindu University, a world famous educational institution, founded by Pandit Madan Mohan Malavya.  Dr. Rakesh Bhatnagar, the Vice Chancellor and a host of other dignitaries were present for the inauguration, but for us the presence of Victor Kazanjian, Our Executive Director and our Global Ambassador, Mussie Hailu was more rewarding, together with more than forty delegates of Unity Earth under the leadership of the Director Ben Bowler. Around two fifty delegates from different parts of the world are attending the three day conference, but we have the presence a number of students and faculty members of the University also for various sessions.

There were a number of panels on the first day, before all converged on the Ganga Ghats in the evening for Ganga Arati, which is a special pooja proclaiming the sanctity of water. Highlight of the second day will be the visit to the famous Saranath Buddhist temple. Regional presentations will be on the third day.

We have to congratulate Biswadeb Chakraborti, Our National coordinator and the whole North India team under the dynamic leadership of Subhi Dhupar, for the meticulous planning and organisation.

Episode – 2

Dear All,

We became pilgrims today, visiting the world famous Saranath Temple Complex. In the picture you can see the Stupa, where Sri Buddha started his mission of teaching. It was here he founded the first Sangha of disciples, who later revolutionised the whole world with the teaching of Ahimsa and the eight fold path.

We had a wonderful session at the Saranath International Nyingma Institute also where a Peace Pole was planted. Here we had representatives of a Battalion of the Indian Military, who planted several trees. This special Battalion is entrusted with the duty of Clean Ganga Project, under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. We witnessed a unique sight of the Military personnel helping the planting of trees and a Peace Pole. Let all the military officers become peace builders also. That is our fervent hope.

Two other attractions of the inaugural session yesterday was the flag ceremony and the musical performance of Pato Banton and Rootsdawtah, who were present at our Stanford conference and at the Toronto Parliament of Religions. The Unity Earth group will be presenting a concert on the banks of Ganges tomorrow

Episode – 3

Dear All,

As we converge at Varanasi for the 9th India National Assembly of URI, it would be nice to look back a bit to see how we started our journey in this great land, which gave birth to many religions of the world. “Vasudaiva kudumbakom” is the essence of our Vedic philosophy, which means the whole universe is one family. “Oikumene” later adopted by the World Council of Churches, means the same—encompassing the whole inhabited earth. So URI was very well received in India from the very beginning.

We had the first National Assembly at the Mar Thoma Orientation Centre, Kerala as early as 2004, which was inaugurated by the longest living bishop in the world, Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom. He is my mentor and is 102 years old now, still healthy, but not travelling any more. The second National Assembly was again at the Mar Thoma Shanthigiri Ashram, Alwaye in 2007, in conjunction with the second International Holy Books conference. All the pioneers of the Interfaith Movement in India attended this Assembly viz. Swami Agnivesh, Justice Shamsuddin, Fr. Nambiar Parambil,  Bishop Zacharias, Homi Dalla, Madam Meher Master Moos, Swami Chaturvedi, Dr. Mohinder Singh, Vijay Bhatkar and so on.

Hereafter, we could hold assemblies regularly. The third was organised by Biswadebji at Santhiniketan, West Bengal, the World famous University established by Tagore, the first Asian to win a Nobel Prize. Then Executive Director Charles Gibbs was the chief guest. It was the turn of Qutubji and West Zone to organise the next Assembly at St. Pious College, Mumbai. Our new Executive Director Victor Kazanjian was the guest of honour. Hira Paul and the team from the North invited all to the holy city of Amritsar for the fifth one. The venue was Guru Nanak Dev University. Sixth India Assembly was convened by South India region again and this time it was at the Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore.

Eastern region welcomed us to another Holy City of Puri in Orissa for the Seventh Assembly and the eight one was at Ajmer, yet another holy city. It may be because we are all pilgrims that we always converge at these renowned holy cities and now we are here at Varanasi. In between, we had two Asia Assemblies also—one in Pune in 2009 and the second in Sri Lanka in 2018. The first Asia Pacific Assembly was convened by Sally Mahe in Bali, Indonesia in 2001, which was our starting point in the URI journey in the Asian soil, following the foot steps of Bishop Bill Swing who travelled all over Asia with this idea of a United Religions in the latter years of 1990s.

2020 National Assembly will be a land mark for us again, as it will be our tenth Assembly and URI will be celebrating its 20th year then. Over to South India again, the seat of Adi Sankara.

Episode –4

Dear All,

The 9th India National Assembly concluded with a series of presentations yesterday at the Department of Ethics of Banaras Hindu University. Dr. Victor Kazanjian gave a beautiful PPT review about the Global URI, as it is making its vibrant presence today in about 110 countries. He shared about the vison and our mission for the next decade. This was followed by an eloquent appeal from our global ambassador Mussie for unity and for practicing the golden rule. He enlightened the audience about the potential of our global partnerships also.

All the regions in India presented their reports in the afternoon. We could listen to  the delegates from Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, too. The concluding session was again on the banks of Ganga, with the Unity Earth envoys presenting yet another musical feast in conjunction with the Kabira Festival, Panto and Antoinette leading.

We have to praise all the efforts of every one concerned for the Herculean task of cleaning the Ganges, especially the initiatives taken by the Honourable Prime Minister. Ganges flows through many states of India and it is to be protected by all means, as a life giving entity. A few years ago when I visited Varanasi, I could see dead bodies and floating cows and so much waste all over the body of the Ganges, but today it has become clear and clean to a great extent. It is wonderful to see the efforts of even our military to make this project successful.

It is amazing to see the millions of lives floating in this holy city of Kasi. There is confusion, but a serenity is visible woven into the texture of life here. Yesterday we visited the Kasi Viswanath temple, but you will have to be in a queue for hours to gain an entry. What makes all these people to struggle so much to pray at this spot? Religion and spirituality is that strong and people don’t mind the sacrifice to any extent. Kasi has so much to teach us about the concepts of moksha, which is the ultimate goal in life.

Episode – 5

Amazing Talents of Youngsters—

The 9th Assembly of URI witnessed the amazing talents of youngsters. Our Movement is safe in their hands. Bishop Swing and our pioneers can relax now. You have sown the seeds in a fertile field.

All the volunteers whom Subhi deputed were just amazing. Day and night they waited for us the delegates in the Airport, Railway Stations and bus stops. I was in close touch with only Pawan, Mahinder and Aikesh, but there were a good lot at several meeting points. Aikesh is the son of our veteran leader from Bundelkhand, Mr. Shiv Vijai Singh.

Saumya Aggarwal, a young girl originally from Nepal,  won big round of applause when she announced that her “Youth for Peace International” has bagged a project grant of half a million Euros from the European Union. Tanya Sablok is a student of Peace and Conflict studies at Nelson Mandela Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution, Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi .  Her passion for peace initiatives is extraordinary. Nirmalya Chakraboti from Kolkota, Manoj Ram, President of Peace4Dalits Foundation from Nepal (one of our CCs there), Touseef Raina, a young man from Jammu and Kashmir, who is Chairman of Global Youth Foundation are people with superb talents and initiatives. Ahmad Shah Karimi from Afghanistan is  founder of Afghanistan Youth Empowerment and Peace Building Organisation. Sohini is a young lady, who heads the Euphrates Institute, India Chapter, Janessa’s find.

These are only a few whom I encountered during different sessions in the Assembly.  There are many. The spark in the eyes of these young ones gives us hope for the future. We have invited all of them to attend the Students’ Summit of Religions in January in Kerala. Kehkashan Basu and others can definitely inspire them and they can all be united for peace. These “Voices” cannot go un heard. Their plea should not go as cry in the wilderness. URI is a wonderful platform for the convergence of spirit full youth, who will steer the world out from darkness. Thank You all.

Dr. Abraham Karickam

Sunday, September 22, 2019